• On a different Wavelength

    New Media Consultants since 2005
  • Radio in a box

    Interested in owning your own radio station? Xtreme Media will provide you with your own dedicated streams, we assist in web design, web maintenance, teach you how to use your control panel, make live and on demand shows.Its your own station, in a box!
  • Web Design & Maintenance

    We offer website design and maintenance for small, medium or large enterprises. Whether you require a small magazine site or a full content management site
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  • Our Radio Courses

    Learn how to set up your own radio station, create professional programmes, edit audio and create on demand content for podcasts. Our course covers: • Equipment and software needed • Setting up your studio • Researching, Recording and Presenting Information • Tips For a Successful Radio Interview • Radio Studio Production • Media Industries: Organisation, Regulation and Practice and much much more...
  • Our Radio Network

    Through our network of internet radio stations we strive to inform, shape and change the way you live, offering content that inspires, entertains and enlightens. It's not enough for us to provide programming — it's got to be the stuff of water-cooler conversation and dinner discussions. And it's got to make an impact on you. That's our goal.
  • Advertise on our network

    Advertise on our radio network. We have several packages and options available, whether it is on our live segments, on-demand podcasts, sponsorship, our app or as banners on our official radio station sites. We can cater for all your requirements.
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About Xtreme Media

Xtreme Media are an Irish award winning internet broadcasting and web service provider established in 2005.

Whether you are thinking of launching an Internet Station, you are an experienced broadcaster looking for a new service provider, you need a website designed or you need a website upgraded or maintained, Xtreme Media are able to cater for all your needs.

We provide a complete range of live and on-demand streaming solutions. Our streaming services are optimized to perfect the key elements of the online streaming process: Acquisition, Distribution and Analysis.

Our company also offer webpage design and maintenance. All of our sites are content management (CMS) sites. This gives our customers the ability to add, delete or maintain their site with ease. We offer training as part of our packages. However if it is still too complicated or time consuming we offer a website maintenance service at an affordable price.

Please tour our site, view our client base and our radio network. If you need more help please use our contact form. We are happy to answer any questions even if you are a complete newbie.

We look forward to working with you!

Xtreme Media

On a different Wavelength